New nation where everybody is welcome

By Henrik Løcke

The world is facing an ever-increasing number of people who are either forced or wish to leave their countries, searching for a new life abroad. These people often struggle to find countries that will accept them and end up stranded in refugee camps with few prospects to make a better life. The world is en need of a new nation that will welcome everybody, no matter where they come from and no matter what reason they have to leave. This nation could build its economy on the influx of newcomers, building a green and sustainable economy, maybe as a car-banned city state. If done properly it could become one of the most prosperous societies on earth, seeing the migrants as economic opportunities. It could offer everybody on the planet who wishes to go there a free ticket and help getting started working or building their own business.

Where would the money come from to build this? One source could be rich countries who eagerly talk about helping people closer to their home, using the argument that they can afford to help many more refugees closer to home than taking them into their own countries. They would happily support a society that will accept all of them, relieving pressure on their own shores. The new nation could attract industries with the huge number of workers.

Where could this territory be? There is no way around that it will be necessary to find a country which would be willing to give up land to this new nation. It could be given economic incentives and favorable trading rights with the new neighboring country. The people already living there should receive considerable benefits so their lives will improve as citizens of this new nation. Ideally it would be in a territory with a low existing population density.